Louboutin heels — red soles, made for sex appeal

Hate High has always been Christian Louboutin’s classic red soled shoes, and the brand is constantly introducing new designs, each with its own name.

Many people’s first pair of red-soled shoes is Pigalle, the most popular classic in the red-soled family. Streamlined design, pointed tip, thin heel but stable. There are three types of heel height: 8.5cm, 10cm and 12cm. The name Pigalle comes from an alleyway near the Moulin Rouge in Paris, and is known for its nighttime crowd, which is of course a metaphor for the sexy and dangerous nature of the heels. 120 means the heel height is 120mm, about 5 inches. The style remains the same: pointed toes, thin heels, a very low upper, heels close to the floor but slightly over 90 degrees, and, of course, “red soles.” In fact, the look is quite classic and not pornographic. Stylish first ladies around the world wear the Pigalle 120 to important state events. Every season it varies depending on the material. Patented or matte leather is the most common, but in recent years studded styles have also been highlighted, while nude colors are also popular.

The Daffodile is the most challenging platform heel in the red-soled shoe family, and a favorite of the red carpet actresses. The height of the heel is as high as 16cm, and the waterproof platform alone has 6cm. It takes a very skilled person to wear high heels. If you add a band to the ankle, it becomes a Lady Daf, without the Daffodile showing leg length.

Paulina features a clear PVC band around the vamp to give her longer legs. Heel height 10cm. There are also flat-bottomed styles, which are also very popular.

Fifi is another classic of the round head family, known as the “never wrong investment in red soles”, and Pigalle like thin heels, more sexy. The heels are available in both 8.5cm and 10cm sizes (there are also flat versions). The thick-heeled version is called Fififa and there are also two heel heights available. The heel thickness between the two has a RON RON, and Fifi is very similar, simple, classic, is also the first choice of office workers, heel height of 10cm.

Very Prive is the basic style of fish mouth. It is an open-toe design, and its upper is also Very low and short. The same heel is 12 cm. Heel height includes 10cm and 12cm two. If the back foot is hollowed-out, it is called N°Prive.

Front Double is one of the freshest styles in the spring and summer of 2015. It is also pointed and thin heel, but it has eye-catching decoration at the toe. There are two types of heel height: 8.5cm and 10cm.

Christian Louboutin once said that every girl should have a pair of the most Simple and classic black high heels, so Simple Pump came into being. The round head design, the heel is not so thin, very comfortable to wear, work or date can be worn. Heel heights include 7cm, 8.5cm and 10cm. New Simple Pump is a platform version with a heel height of 8.5cm, 10cm and 12cm.

The Decollete 554 is a pair of pointy stiletto heels that are perfect for everyday work. The heel height also has a variety of options, 4.5cm, 7cm, 8.5cm, 10cm are available.

The Iriza is one of Christian Louboutin’s most photographed looks on the red carpet. Use the design of flank hollow out, can stretch leg line of maximization, add feminine charm to feel. There are two kinds of heel height: 7cm and 10cm.

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