How to tell the authenticity of Christian Louboutin shoes

Christian Louboutin’s high heel help it become famous in thw world. Its high heels are now become girls dream high heel,each one of woman is crazy about the high heel produced by Christian Louboutin. However,once a luxury brand become famous that there will be a large number of fake product here. Today, let’s learn how to identify the fake Christian Louboutin shoes and authentic Christian Louboutin shoes.

Checking the Christian Louboutin shoe box:

Genuine Christie-Louboutin Christian Louboutin shoes should have the white ChristianLouboutin brand logo on the outer box and the Paris letters in the lower right corner of the box. In addition, we have to pay attention to the size of the brand logo and the location of Paris. And genuine Christian Louboutin Christian Louboutin box has a white label on the side with the shoe style, item number, color, size, bar code and and black brand logo. Here pay attention to the expression of the size, such as 38.5 will not be written by other expressions.

Moreover, the dust bag of the shoes can also be used to identify the true or fake. Genuine Christian Louboutin shoes dust bag as shown below should be eye-catching red, with the black Christian Louboutin brand logo and Paris letters located in the lower right corner of the logo. Here we have to ring the alarm bell, fake dust bag color peach or other colors, or the lack of Paris letters. A small reminder to all of you, the real shoe box and dust bag can not prove that the shoes are real, but the fake dust bag and shoe box then the shoes must be fake.

Checking the workmanship of Christian Louboutin shoes:

The color of the sole and dust bag is consistent with the eye-catching large red, the range includes the inner side of the sole and heel, and the surface is glossy. Also pay attention to check whether the brand logo on the sole of the shoe is clear. The origin logo should be made in Italy MADE IN ITALY, and there should be a spacing between the words. The half size of the shoe should be 1/2 instead of 0.5. The leather sole model will have an additional VERO CUOIO logo.

Furthermore,genuine Christian Louboutin shoes are very exquisite workmanship, tight alignment, natural splicing, the version is correct, generally using high-quality goat leather. Fake Christian Louboutin shoes rough workmanship, can see the splicing alignment.

Checking the hang tags and other information of Christian Louboutin shoes:

The real Christian Louboutin box does not have the so-called authentic card, hangtags or customer cards or anything like that. If you buy the red-soled shoes also with what “unique” card is exposed the identity of the fake shoes.

So,ladies and gentle please pay more attention about your purchasing proceedings,learn to identify the authentic products and fake products.

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