Louboutin sale basic classic style introduction

The first is the Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120mm Patent Calf.

For high-heeled shoes, the softness of the fine calfskin is just right, and the lambskin is a little too fragile. The dazzling patent leather is full of momentum, which is higher than the aura of the matte texture. Among them, the most popular is 0 black patent leather, deep black, dazzling lacquer surface, dazzling red soles, the combination of the two colors is very powerful, and supplemented by the coquettish and sultry shape, to maximize the awakening of a woman’s soul. Attractiveness at your place, and let that attraction explode in the eyes of others. 12 cm is a bit scary for everyday use, but it’s just the right height for a queen.

Although it lacks practicality, it sells quite well. Nude patent leather is also very popular, and the color similar to the skin tone makes people taller and taller (hey, hey, hey, what if he is 12 cm). The gentle nude color and the arrogant red form a wonderful combination. At first glance, it is very stunned and willful, but there is a different kind of harmony when you look at it carefully, which makes the wearer’s charm more multi-faceted and unpredictable.

The second is the Christian Louboutin Iriza 100mm Patent.

This is a pointed design with a pointed toe and a slender heel. You don’t need to wear it, just looking at it makes you nervous and your breathing quickens. This design exudes a dangerous atmosphere, and sexy is actually a dangerous atmosphere. A typical beautician. Don’t look at 10 cm, it is more tiring than 12 cm, the heel is too thin, and the balance is too difficult to master.

The person who wears it is dangerous, and the person watching is sweating for the person who wears it. Just having a sense of balance is not enough. The design of the super pointed toe makes the front face very long, not only the height should be tall enough, but the proportion should be good enough. Otherwise it’s weird to wear. The open side design requires that the wearer’s feet must be thin, otherwise it will be embarrassing that the meat will be squeezed out from one side.

The third Christian Louboutin Simple Pump 85mm Patent Calf has a round head design.

This is cuter and gentler than the pointed design. So there is no need for the heel to be too high. The sexy momentum that is finally set up by the heel makes the rounded front end moisten. The 8.5 cm heel is more suitable for this style. For friends who often wear high heels, 8.5 cm can walk like flying. In terms of sexy level, although it is not as murderous as those pointed and high-heeled designs, but because of the beautiful arc, it still has a lovely sexy temperament.

To sum up, wearing red-soled shoes is a very difficult technical task. Of course, Cheap Louboutin has a lot of comfortable shoes, but the most popular are precisely those high-heeled shoes that are picky and tortured. It can be seen that the charm of the brand is amazing, and the meaning of daily necessities transcends life, penetrates various daily appearances, and touches the depths of the soul.

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