A small party bag, pretending to be a sense of presence

In the past, when I went to work, I didn’t think much about what to wear on weekdays. I didn’t think too much about it. The closet was opened and I could walk away when I grabbed my clothes.

When I met the end of the year or a party, what should I wear? It’s more brain-burning than detective novels. Whenever I participate in such occasions, I feel nervous like a female celebrity walking the red carpet of the awards ceremony. I am afraid that I will stay infamous for thousands of years. Coupled with the brainwashing of Social Media, it leaves an even more impression on people. profound. The conservative me, dreams, desires and disillusionment!

“the first superstar designer in the fashion industry”

The beauty and sorrow of Gianni Versace’s fashion empire. Gianni Versace, once known as “the first superstar designer in the fashion industry”, was shot by a serial murderer specializing in killing comrades at his door in Miami, USA, one morning in July 1997 He died, lying in a pool of blood, surrounded by the newspapers of the day that he had just bought from the newsstand and had his last breakfast with him. The Vogue time that month was different from the experience of most designers learning skills from fashion houses.

12. 13-year-old Christian Louboutin wants to make shoes because she often goes to the nightclub to dance with girls and likes the way they wear high heels. Later, in order to make up for the deficiencies in craftsmanship and technology, he went to the famous brand Charles Jourdan at the time to teach craftsmanship. After being tempered by the shoe department of several top fashion houses, he also worked at Roger Vivier. Until 1992, finally embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. And that year, he was 29 years old. Christian Louboutin, 58, not only designs high heels, but also expands his career to flat shoes, make-up, and handbags.

The young Christian Louboutin can be said to be a bold person. At the beginning of the brand creation, he made it clear that he needed a logo-free iconic design that people could remember and recognize at a glance.

He felt that the soles of high heels looked unpleasant at the time, but he suffered from no inspiration to break the deadlock. In an accident, he saw the female assistant next to him was applying red nail polish, so with a flash of inspiration, he grabbed the red nail polish and applied it to the sole of the shoe, finally giving birth to the prototype of the red-soled shoe.

This design really works, because the red under the feet will directly grab everyone’s sight.

In an interview with “VOGUE” UK in 2012, he mentioned that everyone said he was “The King of painful shoes”. He also directly stated: “I had no intention of designing and putting on painful shoes, but I did Wearing comfortable shoes has never been my duty! My first goal is to make them full of design, beautiful and sexy.”

Christian Louboutin is also the best comrade-in-arms of the stars on the red carpet, respectively deducting their own styles, the picture shows Bella Hadid.

Facts have proved that women will pay for high heels full of design, beautiful and sexy. Even if you call yourself a girl, you understand the necessity of wearing a pair of high heels at important moments in your life.

Christian Louboutin has personally participated in Blake Lively’s red carpet styling, and attended the Met Gala together.

As one of the famous contemporary shoe design masters, Christian Louboutin is undoubtedly the person with the highest exposure rate. His figure often appears in various parties and even movies. With a high-profile and public attitude, he changed the introvertedness of traditional shoe designers, and was able to quickly become famous internationally in a short period of time. His personal charm is indispensable.

Whether it is a fashion feast, an international film festival, or an art event, you can see Christian Louboutin walking and jumping in it with a distinctive personal charm.

Today, Christian Louboutin is not only high-heeled shoes, but also involved in the fields of handbags, make-up, and perfume. In 2016, a new concept film “Who Killed Amazoula” was released, allowing people to see all kinds of beautiful shoes in suspenseful murder cases. The female detective who has never shown her face in the film is more attractive than the usual female celebrities on the screen, all because of the red-soled shoes on her legs.

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