Shoes with high heels are really inconvenient for movement, but who cares?

Are high heels a sex symbol or a woman’s yoke? Red-soled shoe guru Christian Louboutin thinks so.

“Shoes with high heels are really inconvenient for movement, but who cares? Women who wear high heels don’t need to walk.” ── Christian Louboutin

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This often surprising and righteous designer is undoubtedly the No. 1 figure in the fashion industry. However, his experience in his youth is even more exciting enough to be made into a movie. Here’s what you might not know about Christian Louboutin and red-soled shoes.

1. His parents are French, but he has Egyptian blood!

He once mentioned in an interview that he is the darkest of all the children in the family, and he once wondered if he was an adopted child, but instead of being a tragic character, this unrestrained designer imagined a life for himself. The story, a character from Egypt, because Louboutin was fascinated by the pharaonic civilization. Interestingly, Louboutin unknowingly learned from his sister that his biological father was really Egyptian, and that he was the subject of an extramarital affair with his mother.

2. He was expelled three times for being frivolous when he was young

Seemingly wild by nature, Christian Louboutin was expelled three times before finally dropping out of school altogether. He even ran away from home at the age of 12 and stayed at a friend’s house. It was also during those few years that he became a hardcore party member, partying every night and hanging out in the coolest nightclubs at the time.

3. The first job was in a ballroom

After experiencing the party period, and then living in Egypt, India and other places, Louboutin’s first job after returning to Paris was as an assistant in the backstage of the well-known local dance hall Folies Bergères. This ballroom often offers exotic song and dance performances, as well as occasional strip shows. Perhaps this work experience laid the foundation for his future design aesthetics.

4. Red-soled shoes were an accident

I once mentioned in an interview that whenever a piece of work is made from a 2D hand-painted draft into a solid body. I always feel that the shoes look lifeless. One day, in frustration, he picked up the assistant’s red nail polish and applied it to the sole, and the effect was surprisingly amazing, so the red leather sole became the most classic element of Christian Louboutin.

5. The height of the heel defines the degree of sexiness?

The often amazing Christian Louboutin, when asked about his love-hate super high heels, said: “The reason high heels are sexy is the curvature of the arch.”

In the interview, he will The curvature of the arch of the foot is connected with sex.

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