Louboutin sale exhibition

After years of changes, countless classic shoes have been released, and today cheap Christian Louboutin is still a gift for women. No matter what identity you are, what occasion you are attending, wearing a white dress, black clothes or fancy styles, there is nothing that a pair of red-soled shoes can’t hold.

For daily collocation, even if it is a simple one, as long as there is a pair of Louboutin uk sale to embellish it, it will definitely give the finishing touch to the whole look.

It’s not just Heantiangao, their flat shoes are equally comfortable and versatile.

So as a woman, you must have a pair of Christian Louboutin in your shoe closet.

This time, I have seen some of the exhibitions held in Shanghai ifc International Finance Center. The whole exhibition is designed in the atrium on the first floor. The black and white floor is matched with the brand’s unique red, which is simple and unique.

The shoes in this exhibition are all classic works of red-soled shoes. After reading it, the feeling is that many of the previous shoes are still retro and fashionable if we look at them now.

You can see the brand’s first pair of shoes painted with red soles. This pair of shoes has a very far-reaching significance for the brand.

As well as light ballet shoes, it is said that the designer designed it to make it convenient for girls to stay fashionable while taking the plane. The shoes themselves are very light.

Christian Louboutin is a rebellious and casual person. In the past, he sealed the “garbage” under the PVC material and made all kinds of shoes. Now it seems to be a very interesting thing.

And aren’t cat heels the trendy style at the time?

The exhibition also showcases some of the designer’s own private collections. The Barbie dolls here are also sexy and powerful queens, which are very cool.

The exhibition will run from June 3 to June 11. After visiting the exhibition, you can also go to the store on the first floor for a stroll. The decoration style of the store is a gorgeous style with a slightly retro feel. And you will have a short-term illusion of richbaby when you are in it.

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