How to choose high heels that are most suitable for your size

Converting between international high heels is not as difficult or painful as you think. Using our free shoe code converting form will help you easily exchange shoe code and Europe, Australia, and British shoe codes. In the chart below, you will find a lot of useful information to help you convert the size of high heels. Please read our common questions and answers to obtain the most comprehensive information about converting high heels from the US size to Europe and British size.

The information in our chart is designed as a guidance. Unfortunately, the size and fit of different brands are sometimes different. You should use it when a brand releases its own conversion guide. Here are some prompts to help you use this louboutin size chart.

louboutin size chart

How can I adjust half of the size?

For half size, only 0.5 is added to each measurement value.

What is the difference between the shoe codes in the United States and Australia? The size of high heels in the United States and Australia is the same. You don’t need to convert between the two shoes.

How is the heel converting table converted the size of the United States and Britain? The shoe code conversion between the United States and the British size is based on the rules that most authoritative agencies rely on: just remove two sizes to convert from the US size to British size. This is really easy, and most of the shoe designers switch the size like this! However, a small number of manufacturers recommend reducing three sizes (Christian Louboutin is one of them), and occasionally we will see some subtle changes in the golden laws.

What is the most popular shoe number?

The most popular women’s shoes in the United States are 8 yards. This is Europe’s 39 yards and 6 yards in the UK. For more useful information about different brands of different brands of different brands, but you should insist that the size you wear most often looks crazy, but not all shoe factories use the same size. This may mean that if you are a brand 7.5, then you may be another brand 8. This means that you may change the size and find that your high heels are too large or too small. However, it is important to understand that this is not a question of conversion: this is one of the unpredictable changes in buying high heels.

cheap Louboutin shoes

Most people who buy high -heeled shoes online will eventually get the right size shoes! Although many people do need to return, retailers’ evidence shows that the return rate is about 35%. If we admit that this is suitable for high heels, it means that two -thirds buyers are satisfied with their purchases. Among those who do not like, many people will be returned because the buyer does not like this shoe, not because the shoe is incompatible.

It is difficult to measure your feet

Some online websites suggest that instead of changing your shoe number, you should measure your feet, and select your shoe number from the cheap louboutin size chart. This may be possible, but it is not always easy. Many shoe makers have tried different methods to allow people to measure the size of the shoes more accurately when ordering shoes online. Finally, the general conclusion is that as long as you order your normal shoe number, you have the best opportunity to get the right right. Measure your feet is actually quite difficult, and your usual size is still the best guidance.

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