High degree and elegance coexist

Marilyn Monroe said: “For girls with pairs of shoes, she can conquer the world.” Of course, these pairs will not be ordinary flat shoes, canvas shoes or sandals, must be double high heels. However, high -heeled shoes are often love and hate. After wearing it, the proportion is perfect, tall and tall … but you will not walk on the wrong point, you will not only suffer themselves, but also suffer a pair of feet. The six secrets let you learn how to wear high heels, and then Meimei is fine.

Secret one: first heel, then toes

This is the problem that beginners often commit. When I first learned how to wear high heels, I always use flat shoes to take high heels -to the ground first, and then the heels; when you wear high heels, you should reverse. Heel), and then toes (toes).

Secret 2: Small steps and small steps

Wearing high heels will make the usual steps smaller, so don’t walk hard walking, but it will be tired, but don’t use penguin small broken steps, probably the usual step distance is reduced by half.

Secret 3: Go straight

When you are straight -line, you will stare at the finish line instead of pen paper -wearing high heels! If you want to go beautiful, you shouldn’t stare at your shoes, imagine that you keep walking along a straight line, continue to your destination, making the whole city your extension platform.

Secret 4: lean back slightly

I wonder if you found that when you walk in high heels, there is often a faster illusion that you move faster than shoes? Therefore, the center of gravity moves slightly back, like a backward leaning, so that your feet and shoes will be integrated.

Secret 5: Gently arch the feet

There is another problem with high heels, that is, there will be a feeling of slipping forward from time to time. The problem that solves is to gently arch the feet. This will become a resistance. Press.

Secret 6: Be sure to fit

If you want to be good at work, you must first benefit your instrument. If your shoes are no longer fit, let alone take the elegance to walk well. Each pair of shoes is not the same. Use the insole to make too large shoes. Shogers support the small shoes a little more. If you really do n’t get your feet, you should find a real match!

Cheap Louboutin shoes are really difficult to control, but once it is controlled, as Marilyn Monroe Marilyn Monroe said, let’s conquer the world!

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